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well shit! - shaelasche

Mar. 30th, 2005 09:14 am well shit!

well, im grounded from computer, sounds like for good, too!

basically i, like everyone else, have some major issues, along with minor ones! mostly life issues. unfortunately, my parents cant seem to accept this. i basically need time to "reassess my life and figure out where im headed and what my goals are and try to be a responsible adult ready for the world."

personally i feel that this will happen on its own time. i am making a conceted effort to change, but ultimately, it will depend on how long it takes me to (fully) mature. id personally say im pretty close, because although im very lazy and naturally gokuish (the only way i can describe it) in my reactions to many things (you know, the kinda anime way to laugh things off, which really annoys mason lol), i actually do have a serious side, and i personally believe im quite mature for my age, seeing all ive been through in life. ive had 25 yeah olds saying im better to talk to than most of their peers, so i have confidence in that area.

now, it sounds like my parents are grounding me for, well, being ME!

i dont know, i just feel computer loss and the removal of my bedroom door (which i doubt will happen, but still, it was mentioned) is a LITTLE over the top!

especially if theyre trying to make me "a better person." i still need SOME privacy!

am i really THAT BAD of a person!?!?!?

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