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wow, that sucked - shaelasche

May. 17th, 2005 03:30 pm wow, that sucked

oh well, i got really stupid, with liz that is......and i think that did more bad than good.....oi my love life has been weird

kim is kinda a bitch.......i learned that she's been fucking someone sinse summer..while we were together....WHAT A BITCH!!!oh well, fuck that, then

becki, i am SO sorry, you have no idea....i havent heard from you in a long time, im wondering how you are! please dont ignore me or be mad at me, you have no idea how bad i feel. the whole thing with liz, that was just a stupid infatuation, i realize that now...there was no chance, and i poured too much feeling into it, and i realize in doing so i abandoned all that was important, one of those things being you, and for that im so so so so so so so sorry!

please forgive me hun.....

i realize that love is more than just sexual too! its the ability to live in a relationship, to be a lover, but at the same time, a best friend, but at the same time, a brother or sister.....

i suddenly realize that i feel this way towards becki....she is one of my best friends, next to monty (and he's OUT OF THE QUESTION LOL), but i also keep hoping that we will get together at least sometime in the future.....but at the same time, i see her as a sister, i feel so close. i dont mean that in a weird way, just factual.

i think i really do love her.................

................i cant believe i mean that, too!

becki, look up the song Vivo Per Lei, by Andrea Bocelli.........in english, of course!

love ya hun!

(i mean it too! wow!)

Current Mood: enlightened
Current Music: Vivo Per Lei

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Date:May 18th, 2005 04:04 am (UTC)
oh babe, my throat is dying, but i am going to go call you now anyways.... if i can't talk to you tomorrow i swear i'll kill you. Lol, jk. luv ya 2.